Garage DoorsIf your garage has a lot of space, it does not mean that you can store every unnecessary item in it. Some specific things can be dangerous to store in your garage. It even leads to damage the inside material or deteriorates your garage door look. Read about the things that are not good to store in your garage.

Don’t Store These Five items In your Garage

  • Propane Tanks
    Propane tanks require extra caution during the summer season. Due to the extremely hot climate, it can leak, evoke a spark and lead to propane explosion
  • Paint
    Again, due to the extreme temperature, the leftover paint inside your garage would not last for a longer time. As compared to the cans stored on a shelf, the cans stored on the floor can rust faster.
  • Paintings
    Just like paints, paintings are at the risk of getting melt or damaged when kept in hot temperature. It is because of the paint inside the painting that expands on the board.
  • Electronic Items
    CDs, DVDs and computer items when contacts the high temperature they become useless. Devices like computer often create a problem due to overheating. So keep them away.
  • Piles Of Paper
    Piles of paper attract the pests in your garages such as rats and mice. Pests use this material to lay their eggs.

If you are not sure what you should store in your garage or not then take the help of our professionals at Omega Garage Door in Vaughan. Moreover, if you have any other issue with your garage door like repair or require annual maintenance, feel free to contact us anytime.