Garage Door Cable Repair

Are you struggling with frayed or damaged garage door cable? If so, you may be looking for a professional garage door service in Vaughan. Repair or replacement of torsion cable is crucial, because if you neglect it, it can lead to a serious injury or accident. A damaged cable can hamper the smooth performance of your overhead door.

It is very crucial to consider about the broken cable, because when it break, the door bears a lot of pressure. This pressure can cause of a serious vehicle damage. To protect you and your property from any kind of damage, we offer top-notch garage door cable repair services.

Never Try to Operate Broken Garage Door

Sometimes the overhead door cable frayed, but the door can still move. The garage doors usually equipped with two cables. If one cable is frayed, you might assume that the door can go and use it like that, it will be a risky mistake. For the smooth performance, a door requires both cables in proper position. An overhead door cable supports the heavy weight of the door. So, it is crucial to maintain it in proper working condition.

Sign of Garage Door Cable Repair or Replacement

  • Garage door jammed
  • Cables have come loose
  • The door does not open properly
  • The door making loud and weird noise while opening

Why It Is Important to Seek Professional Replacement

A frayed and malfunctioning garage door cable can be a dangerous. If it is not repaired or replaced properly, someone can get injured. Our experts have deep knowledge to determine what type of cable will be appropriate for use. At Omega Garage Door, our technicians will analyze the problem, whether the cable need to be replaced or not. Our professionals will not only replace the cable, in fact, they also determine the other potential signs of damage.

We also serve same day emergency service throughout the Vaughan, so you can contact us anytime to get back your garage door in working condition. Whether you want a new cable or just want a repair service, our adept and experienced professionals are always ready to assist you.

Why Choose Us over the Others

We have a team of adept professionals who specialize in all types of garage door repair, maintenance and replacement services. Replacement of overhead door cable is a very daunting task. It requires proper knowledge and years of experience. Mishandling the cables does not only damage the parts of your door, but there is also chances of any serious injury or accident. That’s why, our licensed and insured technicians provide the highest quality services.

Are your garage door cable frayed or damaged? Call us.