Garage Door Spring Vaughan

A spring is such a powerful and important aspect of a garage door’ working that its failure can lead to the failure of the garage door itself. No matter whether you have a torsion or an extension spring, when they are broken, they will break the working system of your garage door too. If you have got one, you need not worry at all as Omega Garage Doors Vaughan is there to help you.

Our team has seen so many cases where a faulty spring was the reason for a poor or zero movement of the garage door. We understand this scenario completely and know effective ways to get your door back on the track through quick spring repair and replacement.

Types of Spring

Extension Spring

Used along the tracks of garage doors, these springs get along pretty well with the vertical and horizontal lines. These springs are not only difficult to install but repair too. Since they have a lot of tension in them, it is essential to get them installed through professionals only.

Torsion Spring

To install these springs, one has to use an extended rod at the top of a garage door. Apart from high tension in spring, the wight of the rod and the spring itself makes it difficult to install them. This is one thing where you need professional help the most.

List of Our Services

Not only spring, we offer repair and replacement services for each and every garage door part. We deal in spare parts of the leading brands to fix your faulty garage door parts. Our services are aimed at only one thing i.e. to quickly serve our customers and make them smile through high quality and affordable solutions.

  • Garage door installation,repair and replacement
  • Garage door spring repair-extension & torsion springs
  • Deal with every make or model of any brand
  • 24/7 availability throughout the year
  • Garage door inspection & maintenance services
  • Overhead garage door springs
  • Garage door safety services
  • Renovation and replacement services
  • And a lot moreā€¦.

Not a D-I-Y Job!

It is not recommended fixing your broken spring on your own as it has a lot of potential energy stored inside them. If you don’t deal with them in the right way, you can seriously injure yourself. You should have proper knowledge and some prior experience for the same.

Working under a lot of pressure, they are always on the edge of breaking and one should take professional help in case of any kind of emergency. With our 24/7 support, you don’t have to go anywhere as we are always on the go for our esteemed customers.

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