Overhead Garage DoorWhether your garage door is damaged or it is not working correctly, it makes you think over its repair or replacement. An overhead door not only secures your vehicle and assets but also affects your home appearance. Although you must decide on repair by keeping your budget in your mind, ultimately you also have to make sure that you are not putting your family at risk by repairing an overhead door that is completely damaged.
To help you in taking the right decision, here are some simple tips to determine whether you should replace or repair your garage door.

Signs For Garage Door Replacement

  • Old Door: A garage door can last for a maximum of 15 to 30 years if maintained properly. On time replacement can prevent sudden damage with the old door.
  • Unable To Find Parts: Springs, hinges and cable are some parts of your door which need periodic replacement. If your overhead is very old and you are unable to find its genuine part, you must consider to replace it.
  • Has Been Repaired Many Times: If you have repaired your door many times in past and issue is still reoccurring, it means you have a low-quality door.

Signs For Garage Door Repair

  • Scratches: The minor scratches and scrapes on the door can be covered with paint and by providing proper maintenance.
  • Slow Running & Noise: Debris or dust in the track cause slow running of your door while rusty and worn out parts could be a reason behind the noisy door. These problems can be fixed by cleaning and giving quality lubricants.
  • Harsh Weather Effects: Due to severe weather effects, your door weather strip may damage, the metal parts may get rust or get jammed. These parts can be replaced easily.

Keeping the discussion mentioned above in your mind, whether you want to repair or replace your door, contact us at Omega Garage Doors. We provide 24/7 emergency services to our residential and commercial clients. Contact us today for free estimates.