If your existing overhead door is damaged or worn out and you are looking to replace it with a new one, then consider buying an insulated door. To protect a vehicle against weather damages and intruders, its ideal to park it inside a garage that is secured with a garage door.

Key Benefits of Installing An Insulated Garage Door

The average age of this door is around 12-15 years, but they really struggle to perform till this time period. The reason behind their failure is reckless use and no maintenance. If you are looking to install an overhead door that can perform smoothly for years, opt for an insulated automatic garage door. Do remember that it’s the material itself that performs the basic job of protecting a garage, therefore, its advised to choose the best one.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing an insulated door are:

  1. It lowers the energy bills: Garages are often located on the exteriors and generally cold in winters and warm in summers. This ruins their efficiency and makes it hard to work or stand inside a garage. By installing an insulated overhead door, one can lower down the energy bills by maintaining a good room temperature. One can enjoy warm winters and cold summers with an insulated door material.
  2. It helps reduce the noise: Most possibly, the garage is the only place inside a property that suffers through noisy elements like engine sounds, street sounds, lawn mover sounds etc.. Since garages are located externally, they are likely to go through dramatic sounds that can disturb a person working inside. With an insulated garage door, one can greatly reduce the outside sound effects. Moreover, the noise coming from inside will not peep outside and that coming from outside will not reach inside.
  3. It improves vehicle performance: Vehicles are much vulnerable to extreme temperature, especially in winters. Their engine is likely to cool off during mornings that generally asks for more heat or warming up. An insulated garage door can help in keeping the garage warm, which in turn can improve the engine tendency. The warm temperature means the vehicle engine doesn’t have to work hard to start.
  4. It boosts your home resale value: Though there are many factors that are responsible for boosting the curb appeal of a property, having an insulated garage door can do wonders. Buyers are usually attracted towards properties that consists of modern features and are ready to pay a good amount for ones with insulated garage door installation.

These are some of the benefits offered by insulated overhead doors. If you are looking for door replacement, consider installing an insulated door from our expert installers at Omega Garage Doors.