Bottom Garage Door Have you noticed your garage door seal from the bottom? Is it cracked, hardened or torn? May be it is the time to install a new seal installation. Before you decide that you need a new seal and want to install a new one, you should know some points. This post is just to explore the same. Here you can find out the tips to know measuring and buying tips for the Garage Door Seal.

Before buying the new seal you just measure the dimensions of old seal and compare it with the new one. The new seal must not be too hard to put nor must be too lose. The steps are listed below:

  • Unplugging and Lifting the Door
    Now when you have bought the proper seal for the door, it is time to install the same. As a safety precaution just remembers following points:

    • Unplug the opener of the garage door
    • Disengage the red emergency cord and lift the door manually

    If at any point of time you find yourself unable to life the door you should call a professional.

  • Raising the Garage Door
    Now you should raise the garage door up. Raise up to that point where the door is just below the horizontal and vertical track curves gets separated. Hold the vertical track tightly.
  • Removal of Old Seal
    Pull the old seal out that would have been retained in aluminum retainer. The seal ends may be tucked back in the retainer. There may also be some screws near the seal, so look for them and remove them. You may need a utility kit to perform these steps. Just perform all steps with utmost care else you can seek the help of some professional.
  • Cleaning of the Retainer
    To clean the retainer you may use a wet cloth. With this wipe the duct from all over the retainer length. You can take the help of screw driver as well to clean the retainer. If at any point you find the retainer slightly tilted or bent then straighten the channel to make it smoother.
  • Retainer Lubrication and Finding the Helper
    Clean and make the retainer smooth in two ways. You may either use soapy water or lubricant to make the retainer smoother. You can also look for any help either from your neighbor or friend.
  • Install and Fold the Seal
    If you have any of your friend with you, then you two together just put the “T” part of the seal in retainer channel. Now one of you will pull the retainer and other will “feed” the seal into retainer. At this time door’s bottom should be kept at the same level.

After feeding the seal you might be having around 3” extra length sticking beyond the door width. Now fold the extra inches of seal inside the retainer from both ends. Now remove the vise grips from the track and lower the garage door.

Now you can run the garage door opener. Even sometimes the new seal adds some height as well to the door. So firstly run the opener and check whether it closes properly or not. Moreover, if you are looking for any professional installation service then reach out us. We can assist you in door installation process.