Getting out of the car to operate a garage door manually is an annoying job that is not considered the best option anymore. To ease the overhead door operation and to avoid hassles, a remote can help a lot. With automatic doors and openers that are putting a great share in offering convenience to a homeowner, a remote control can further ease the way a door is operated. Though having a remote mechanism adds few of the dollars to a pocket, the advantages they offer are worth the investment.
4 Reasons To Buy A Garage Door Remote

Some of the reasons to buy a door remote are:

  • Convenience: With a remote, one doesn’t need to come out of the vehicle and walk up to the garage to press the wall button. A homeowner can easily access the garage door by sitting inside the vehicle. This not only saves time, but offers great comfort and convenience too.
  • Safety: By operating a heavy overhead door manually, one can fall victim of injuries like finger pinches or stuck toes. To ensure safety, its advised to operate a door from a distance. With the help of a remote, an individual can easily access the garage from a distance, thereby preventing risk of injuries and falling down accidents.
  • Coverage: Modern garage door remotes are made of the latest techniques that makes them capable of having a wider coverage. This means an overhead door can be operated from a distance too. By attaching the opener with your smartphone you can even monitor and access a door from sitting at a far off place.
  • Adds Value:If you are looking to sell your property in the coming years, then a garage that is equipped with an automatic door and a remote can help in improving its value and curb appeal. Most possibly, a garage door remote will give buyers a feeling of advanced facilities, comfort and luxury that is always admired.

These are the few reasons why a homeowner should opt for buying a remote control for an automatic garage door. If you are looking to install an overhead door opener or remote, feel free to call our installers at Omega Garage Doors, Vaughan.