3 Tips To Reduce The Utility Bill With Better Garage DoorDo you consider why your electricity bills are increasing? Even, you are trying to overcome the lengthy garage door bills, still, the problem is not resolved. Do you detect that the increased bills are due to the garage door. The original problem may be the heat and cool air being loss via garage door.

Moreover, the insulated garage doors are often found to bearing with this problem. It can be a certain problem with garage doors that are not designed with thermal breaks and top performing weather seals. Analyzing the whole situation, here are some types of garage doors that can help to costs down.

  • Wood End Blocks
    The type of wood end blocks ensure the energy efficiency of the door. A number of the garage door are made using the steel end caps to be put to its end. These are also called the thermal bridging which transfers the heat into or out of the garage. Comparatively, the wood end blocks are much more convenient as it does not transfer heat instead causes a thermal break. As a result, you can ensure for no heat loss in winter.
  • Weatherstripping
    You can install your garage door with high-quality double-lipped weatherstripping that is flexible even when the temperature downs. You can fix the Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) weather seal that supports to the temperature down situation.
  • Steel Covering Joints
    This is one of the preferable techniques to transfer the heat inside the door. On the door joints, attaching the sheets of steel covering the insulation with metal staple or glue also supports to deliver the heat.

The energy efficiency considers all different factors rather than just R-value. You need to keep in mind all matter. To install the energy efficient garage doors, you should consult with Omega Garage Doors in Vaughan. We provide repair, installation and maintenance of residential and commercial garage door.