Garage door maintenance is essential for ensuring a functional garage door for years to come. A well-maintained door will protect your belongings and vehicles. Fortunately, there is nothing much you need to do in order to maintain a door. Here are a few tips that you should follow to keep your door running and up.

What to do!

  1. Cleaning – Cleaning is an important part of maintenance as it prevents climate based wear and tear. All you need to do is take some cleaning solution, a sponge and clean the exterior of the door and rinse well with water.
  2. Maintaining Safety – Next, you should inspect the important parts of the door. While there are some parts that can be replaced on your own, but other needs professional skills so make sure you contact a professional. Carefully check the rollers, cables, springs, track and more. We highly recommend to hire an expert to replace the complex moving parts of the door.
  3. Lubrication – Lubrication will keep your door running efficiently. Use a high quality lubricant to lubricate the hinges and switches on the door. Make sure there is not residue left on the parts. Never use lubricant on the rollers as it may hamper the functionality.
  4. Check Auto Reverse Feature – You need to make sure that the safety features of your door are performing well. Check the auto reverse feature as it makes the door more safe for you and your family. Place a brick or a plank on the ground in the path of the door. If the door reverses after touching the object, it is working perfectly. Else, you need to contact a professional to fix the issue.

If you notice some issues with your garage door, it is advised to call our professional at Omega Garage Doors. Our technicians know all the precautions required to ensure the doors perform reliably for many years to come.